About us

Modheshwari Engineering is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipments like cranes, goods lift, hoists  We have supplied our material handling equipments to different type of industries like
  •     General & Heavy Engineering Industries
  •     Chemical Industries
  •     Petro-Chemical Industries
  •     Fertilizers Industries
  •     Ceramic Industries
  •     Paper & Packing Industries
  •     Plastic Industries
  •     Power Plant
  •     Steel Plant
  •     Cement Industries
  •     Foundries
  •     Textiles Industries
  •     Dairy Industries

We are responsibility to the constant development from the small crane and heave developed workshop to the big manufacturing quarters We are  gained a good & enormous experience in the field of substance management  of a equipments Like different type of crane and hoist manufacturing and convention built equipments with excellence manufactured goods punctual after sales services and reasonable price of manufactured goods;

Eot Cranes India

Modheshwari Engineering & Fabricators projects & developed SINGLE / DOUBLE GIRDER OVERHERAD, Eot Cranes Exporter, E.O.T. & H.O.T. CRANES and Power-driven Cable Line Lift giving to clients' supplies, with loading size Up to 100t and distance up to 20meter. Our range of manufacture is finished by Double Girder Crane / Single Girder Crane, Trolley Crane, Jib Crane, Gantry Crane, Goliath Crane

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